Celectis develops subcomponents, balance of plants, systems and general engineering solutions for fuel cells, electrolysers and chemical reactors

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Electrolysis, and new energy solutions are moving fast. Our mission is to provide clean energy solutions to enable an emission-free society. Celectis is built upon experience gained over more than 40 years in sciences and engineering which includes:

  • High and low temperature fuel cells
  • High and low temperature electrolysis
  • Chemical reactors such as methanation, ammonia cracking, etc.
  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical design and simulation
  • Power electronics and automation
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We are deeply committed to advancing clean energy technologies to promote a sustainable, green future. Our innovative solutions are designed to reduce carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency.

Green Hydrogen

Celectis specializes in the production of green hydrogen, offering environmentally-friendly alternatives to energy sources. We harness renewable energies to produce hydrogen, guaranteeing a cleaner, more sustainable energy cycle.


Our engineering services support development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the clean energy sector. We offer customized solutions to meet our customers' unique needs, ensuring optimum performance and reliability.


Celectis is providing energy products for:Energy savingGreen hydrogen productionChemical reactionsSubcomponents for fuel cell and electrolyzer energy systemsTo reduce carbon footprints and improve energy system efficiency


Our clients never stop moving forward. Testing. challenging, pursuing the transformation that will transform everything. Every step of the way, we work alongside courageous leaders. Identifying the plan that will change tomorrow. Reaching net zero through using innovation. Using technology to change.

Need to know

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) represent cutting-edge technology in the field of clean energy. Understanding the intricate details of their operation and materials can significantly enhance their application and performance.

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SOFCs achieve high efficiency in cogeneration by operating at high temperatures, allowing for internal reforming of light hydrocarbons and efficient heat utilization.

Common materials for the ceramic electrolyte in SOFCs include yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and scandia-stabilized zirconia (ScSZ).

SOFCs operate at high temperatures which allow them to tolerate sulfur and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by preventing catalyst deactivation.

Current research focuses on enhancing SOFC performance and durability through advanced materials, improved sealing technologies, and optimized system integration.

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Our partners

Celectis was born on the new Energypolis campus based in Sion (Valais – Switzerland). The company is therefore strongly integrated into this innovative ecosystem. In particular, Celectis is very close to the HES-SO Valais/Wallis, the EPFL Valais/Wallis and the Ark Foundation.
These strong collaborations with local academic and industrial partners provide Celectis with exceptional know-how on today’s major issues in the fields of energy and the environment, thanks to cutting-edge technologies.