Mandated by the company WattAnyWhere SA, Celectis is developping and testing a 350 watts fuel cell based proof-of-concept. The non-polluting generator converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity. The future 350kW system will be use for fast charging of electric vehicles.

Celectis is mainly working on the construction/adaptation of the SOFC test bench to welcome a new stack technology provided by the company Elcogen. Celectis has a major role on the coupling of the SOFC together with the ethanol reformer (Helbio) and the power electronics including batteries (ENSEA). Celectis also manages the automation part by programming a new user interface and a real-time communication between the different subsystems.

Project milestones

  • 04.2022 : Starting of the project

  • 10.2022 : Stack integrated

  • 01.2023 : System coupling

  • 05.2023 : Proof-of-concept successfully tested