Clean electricity and heat

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are a type of fuel cells which uses a ceramic electrolyte to conduct negative oxygen ions from the cathode to the anode. They operate at very high temperatures, typically between 500 and 900 °C.
The electrochemical oxidation of the oxygen ions with hydrogen occurs on the anode side. At these temperatures, SOFCs are not vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning and tolerant to intake sulfur to a limited level. Because of these high temperatures, light hydrocarbon fuels can be converted into electricity and heat at very high efficiency (more than 85% in cogeneration), such as methane, propane, ammonia and butane can be internally reformed within the anode.
SOFCs have a wide variety of applications like APU, CHP with outputs from Watts to MW.

Green hydrogen production

Solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) produces pure hydrogen through water electrolysis by taking in renewable electricity and heat. The production of pure hydrogen is compelling because it is a clean fuel that can be stored, thus making it a potential alternative to batteries.

Electrolysis is currently the most promising method of hydrogen production from water due to high efficiency of conversion (90%) and relatively low required energy input when compared to other methods.

Traditional low temperature water electrolysis with alkaline electrolyte is currently the best technique for large scale hydrogen production on the scale of  MW to GW but there is a growing interest to develop alkaline membrane technologies that  produce  purer hydrogen and using  less corrosive liquids and non- platinum group catalysts.


The Reversible Solid Oxide Cell (rSOC) is the combination of SOFC & SOEC operations using the same stack and can be used to produce high speciality chemicals.


  • Near zero emissions
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Continuous operation
  • Can use heat recovery technologies with a system efficiency of 85%
  • Wide variety of fuels
  • Do not require precious catalyst
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance


Discover the versatile applications of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), which power homes, industry, transportation and more with unrivalled efficiency and durability.


Efficient energy for residential homes


Reliable energy for continuous operations


Ensure uninterrupted telecommunication power supply


Emission-free power for various vehicles


Convert waste into clean energy


Reliable power for remote