Key comptences

  • Fuel cell systems and electrolysis development and construction (sizing, design, etc.)
  • Cells, shorts stacks and energy systems testing
  • Process flow diagram (PFD), Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  • System modelling and simulations (FDM, CFD)
  • Hot core components manufacturing (3d printed heat exchangers, chemical reactors, etc.)
  • Components qualification
  • Systems construction, validation and testing
  • Control Automation, Power electronics and control software (Human machine interface)
  • Safety analysis
  • Maintenance

Infrastructure & Equipment

The Celectis team is happy to welcome you in their facilities, a pre-industrial fuel cell test platform !

Our fully equipped laboratory comprises 220 square metres of space, a high ceiling, floor loading of up to 500 kg per square meter all over and a crane and rail capable of lifting up to 800 kg load. The lab has new X-rated ventilation and a large 9m long hood and additional ventilation/ extraction and classic chemical fume hood. The lab has multiple gas outlets with pressure regulators and gauges and a supply of compress air and demineralized water. We also have 30 square meters of nice office space and 20 square meters of certified storage for chemicals and gases.

Gas lines
  • Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Forming gas, Methane gas lines
  • Ammonia supply
  • Argon and helium can be supplied
  • Natural gas grid connection
  • Compressed air
  • Chemical fume hoods
  • Single cell and fuel cell stack test stations
  • Elevator up to 1600kg with direct access to the lab
  • 800kg movable crane


Celectis offers to its customers and partners fuel cell and electrolyser test benches- both high and low temperature and also test benches and setups for characterising system components such as heat exchangers, burners, chemical reactors, etc.

In addition, Celectis also offers specific components such as 3-D printed heat exchangers and chemical reactors.

Based on long experience Celectis is the partner of choice for the supply of fuel cell automation and control systems.

Some examples of developed products are

Alkaline electrolyser (AEMEL)

Air and fuel 3d printed heat exchanger

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Electrolyser test setups

High temperature 3D printed heat exchanger for SOFC balance of plant